Have you ever felt like your energy is off? This evaluation and service can help you get your energy back on track.
A Spiritual Energy Evaluation is an overall look at your aura, chakras and outside energies affecting you. This evaluation is a very different one from others; it has more of an insight into the spiritual energy that circles the body.

What is astrology and why does it determine our personality and influence our choices in life governing the life we ultimately live? Sounds like a pretty important topic to learn about if our birth charts are responsible for our destiny.

Are we limited to the template that contains who we essentially are? Who we begin life as? We either stunt our growth by reinforcing who we came into this world as thereby experiencing limitations, constraints, struggles and blocks or we expand who we started out as creating a multi-faceted self that knows no boundaries - the choice is up to us, but how do we get there?

In this comprehensive session with Sophia, you will learn why you choose who you choose in relationships, why you are the way you are in work and finances. How you interpret your world and so much more. Leave your session with self-appreciation, clear confidence, peace and harmony to move into your future!

50 minute astrological session is included and is available in person, Skype, FaceTime, phone

The clearing of the energy can also balance our emotional state of mind. Our Chakra Mind-Body Balance is a two-way street: if there are certain fears and emotions we are holding on to, we experience physical restrictions, too.  If you have itchiness or stiffness, or certain reoccurring emotions and fears, read along and you may find out which chakra is affected or blocked.


A private reading with Sophia will influence every area of your life. She is authentic and approaches her work seriously and with integrity. Her angelic energy and smile in her voice sets clients at ease and leaves a sense of comfort long after the session is over. She has an unshakeable trust and connection to Spirit World that helps clients gain a deeper sense of understanding and awareness of their own spirit. Every reading is a partnership with the client to gather and communicate specific, evidential and meaningful information.

Intuitive (Psychic)Readings

Sophia  connects with Spirit to provide an in-depth assessment of your current overall mind, body and spirit health. Its a bit like a psychic health-check! These sessions offer insight, validation, and bring emotional balance as well as offering potential solutions and options in your life. Sophia  gathers evidence and works with your Spirit team in conjunction with her Spirit team to enrich your life. In this session, you may review the following areas:

    Professional relationships
    Personal relationships
    Relationship to money

Throughout the reading, we work together to resolve issues that may keep you bound by psychological constraints (often from recurring patterns), which can leave you in a constant state of pain. The whole process of connection is uplifting, liberating and healing, as we identify options in your current path on this journey called life. An intuitive reading will help you learn more about yourself and see your life from a larger perspective. By working with me, I will show you how to think in more expansive ways and gain insights into the events in your life.

Readings to connect with deceased loved ones (Mediumship)

Sophia uses her natural abilities to link with the Spirit World to your loved ones who have passed over with all her senses. Having established a connection and validated the authenticity of the link, she communicates with your loved ones in a highly personal way that enables them to step closer to you in this dimension. These readings bring you a sense of your loved one and how they continue to support and influence your life today. Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit helps us with that all-important closure, often resolving past issues, and above all healing.